Join us on Thursday 21 October for

Hello! World 2021

Turning data into ta-da!

Creating positive business impact by turning real-time insights into action

A 100% digital event with interactive talks, content and demos

At Orange Business Services, we believe that data is an amazing, untapped resource. Data-centric organizations can bring about the most unexpected innovations and change the world for the better.

Hello! World is our shared opportunity to explore breakthrough thinking and hear from major global brands which are successfully turning data insights into brilliant customer experiences – and a better future.

Discover how to innovate at speed and scale:


How trusted data can help you anticipate and address your customers’ needs and be more sustainable


Why “as-a-service” business models can help firms to save time, money and reduce their impact on the environment


Discover what progress your peers are making in adopting agile, AI-enabled autonomous ways of working


How to achieve service management success with converged connectivity, cloud and cyberdefense infrastructure

Join us on Thursday 21 October at:


Why join our event?

55.7 billion

connected devices will capture how we live, work and play by 2025



of firms will be digitally dependent by 2023, driving data flows at scale between organizations



of CMOs now expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience and see data as vital


Join us to learn how to turn data into value

Orange Business Services helps enterprises to use real-time data as the foundations for a predictive and adaptable business strategy, enabling firms to be more competitive in our rapidly changing world. Data insights are vital not just for knowledge workers, but for employees in front-line manufacturing, field engineering and customer-facing roles to drive better decision-making. They’re essential for better, more automated processes and to anticipate problems and fix equipment before it fails. They enable firms to better monitor and manage their use of energy, water and other precious resources, saving them money and reducing their carbon emissions.
From insights to action, the path to value starts here at Hello! World 2021.

Helmut Reisinger

CEO, Orange Business Services

Who should attend?

This event is designed for teams focusing on:

Digital Infrastructure & Operations

Hear from IT leaders who are driving the convergence of cloud, cyberdefense and connectivity infrastructure to adopt more agile and automated ways of working.

Digital Business Innovation

Explore the success factors for connected products and digital services innovation. Discover how IOT and machine learning can create positive business impact.

Focus on the topics that interest you the most. We will present two TV channels with peer-led content that is relevant to your most important business challenges today and tomorrow.

Customer feedback from the last edition of Hello! World

Do you think your colleagues might be interested?

Join us on Thursday 21 October for

Hello! World 2021

Turning data into ta-da!

Creating positive business impact by turning real-time insights into action
From insights to action, the path to value starts here

Companies need a new strategic framework if they are to truly capitalise on the value of data. Learn how some of the world’s most successful companies have transformed their businesses with Orange Business Services and our partners.

Customize your agenda

The highlights of our two channels will be outlined here. Return here to discover new speakers as they are confirmed.

Welcome: Join our customers and Orange Executive keynote speakers.

ta-da!TV 1: Digital infrastructure & operations leaders

How can you transform your digital and data platforms to innovate at speed and scale?

  • “Because we’ve never done it this way...”
    Agile, automated and AI-driven ways of working are sweeping away conventional wisdom. How are teams, tools and technologies coming together in the era of cloud, connectivity and cyberdefence convergence?
  • Being cloud-native
    As applications migrate to hybrid and multi-cloud environments, why will microservices (instead of monoliths) and containers (rather than virtual machines) become the norm?
  • Connectivity: joined-up thinking
    What is the best way to securely connect people, objects and applications, using short-range, local area, wide area and global area networks?

ta-da!TV 2: Digital business innovation leaders

How can connected products and processes be the key to better customer experiences?

  • The customer, centre-stage
    What role will smart contracts and omnichannel contact centres play in a hyperconnected world?
  • Data as revenue
    How are data insights being monetised to deliver better business outcomes and ROI?
  • Data interoperability
    How can data from diverse sources be combined in a robust, secure way?
  • Psychic service
    How can IoT, wearables, hyperautomation and virtual reality accelerate the delivery of predictive maintenance?
Learn from leaders in other vertical sectors

Divergent thinking generates creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions. Our event is designed to explore how data is being turned into value across many different vertical sectors, enabling you to cherry pick the best approaches.

Partner village and demos

Visit our partner village to hear about practical solutions to your most pressing business challenges today.

Catch-up on demand

The sessions for digital infrastructure and digital business innovation leaders will run concurrently. You can switch TV channels or return to watch the talks you missed on demand.

Master human and digital change and unlock your potential

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